Paint & Inks

Paint is a kind of chemical mixture coating that can firmly cover the surface of the object, protect, decorate, mark and other special purposes. HB Group C9 hydrocarbon resin has a wide range of applications in road marking paints, alkyd resin paints.

Paint-Varnish & Primer

Varnish is a kind of transparent coating without coloring material, it has the characteristics of transparency, gloss, fast film formation, water resistance and wide use. Varnish is mainly divided into two types of oil-based varnish and resin varnish, the main components are resin and solvent or resin, oil and solvent. HB Group's BT series hydrocarbon resin and BP series hydrocarbon resin have a good compatibility with paint solvent oil and long oil alkyd resin.The varnish made from these raw materials is very good in transparency and gloss.

Primer is the first layer of the paint system, is used to improve the paint adhesion, fullness to the paint, provide alkali resistance, corrosion function, at the same time can guarantee the paint evenly to absorb, make the paint system play the best effect. HB Group's BT series hydrocarbon resins have excellent compatibility with paint solvent oils and long oil alkyd resins in color paints, it can help the pigment to disperse evenly in the paint, and can adjust the viscosity of the color paint. Finally, the paint products have short drying time, high gloss and excellent stability and durability.

Paint-Hot Melt Road Marking Paint

Hot Melt Road Marking Paint is a kind of thermoplastic hard resin as the base material of long-term road marking paint, easy construction, is one of the most durable road marking materials.

Suitable for marking on asphalt or concrete pavement.

The formulation of Hot Melt Road Marking Paint generally uses natural rosin resin as the thermoplastic base material, over the past few years most of the manufacturers began to adopt low cost, superior performance of C5 hydrocarbon resin to produce hot melt type paint the road. HB Gorup's C5 resin BT-1102 hydrocarbon resin is a special C5 hydrocarbon resin for Hot Melt Road Marking Paint, with excellent flow performance and stability. The production of Hot Melt Road Marking Paint adhesion, dry quickly and good wear resistance.


Offset printing ink is also known as offset ink. It is a major categories of the types of offset printing ink, refers to the applicable to all a general term for offset printing ink. 

HB Group Bitoner BT-130, BT-140 series hydrocarbon resins are excellent raw materials in this field, it can play a color display, fast drying, brightening effect, improve printing performance and so on. So it can make a variety of printing inks.

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