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HB Group is a comprehensive multinational corporation that integrates the development, sales, quality control and applications research of hydrocarbon resin and thermoplastic elastomer SIS/SBS rubber.

Headquartered in the vibrant city of Qingdao, China, HB Group operates under three distinguished sales brands: Bitoner, Higree, and Hexxas. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our state-of-the-art testing laboratory, accredited with CMA and CNAS certifications. With domestic warehouse centers strategically located in Qingdao, Ningbo, Xiamen, and Guangzhou, we ensure seamless operations. Additionally, our global footprint extends to the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, and Japan, where we have established overseas companies and warehouses, providing efficient and swift one-stop services for the global adhesive, coating, rubber, and plastic industries.

At HB Group, we pride ourselves on our team of renowned industry experts and technical consultants dedicated to supporting our customers' sustainable development. With 19 years of unwavering commitment to quality and efficient services, we have earned a stellar reputation in both domestic and international markets, making us one of the largest hydrocarbon resin export companies in China. Our mission is clear -- to propel China's hydrocarbon resin products to global leadership and introduce innovative materials to every corner of the world. Join us on our journey as we continue to redefine industry standards and contribute to the advancement of materials on a global scale.

Innovation drives development

In 2005, James Wang left Sinochem and founded Bitoner with full passion. Bitoner started with pigments and hydrocarbon resins.He adheres to customer focus principle, to bring high-quality and stable quality products to every customer.

Foundation of lab

Established the business philosophy "focus on one product one industry,make it excellent". Thus stopped pigments industry market development, focus on the industry of hydrocabon resins.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure the quality consistence, our own laboratory has been established in 2009. Nowadays, the laboratory Orida not only plays the role to Quality Inspection but supports customers about technical issues, like formulation, application tests, data comparsion. In 2018, Orida finished CNAS & CMA certifications.

Step into adhesive market

With the development of hydrocarbon resin industry in China,especially the high-qualitied products came to market and the large demands in the world at same time,we made a strategic move to focus on hydrocarbon resin for Adhesive,especially Hot Melt Adhesive & Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. 

As the pioneer from China, Bitoner bring the Chinese new grades hydrocarbon resin to European adhesives market.

In 2011, Bitoner invited a German Technical Consultant to join the company to help us to develop PSA industry. 

2010: Higree entered into the market

2012: Shanghai Bitoner established

Multinational developments

Over the following years we invested significant efforts to meet different requirements from worldwide customers.

2013 : We finished the registration of REACH and set up the Netherlands warehouse & branch office

2015: Canada warehouse & branch office

2016: Including SIS to the products portfolio

2018: Bitoner Japan 

Management reform

2019:All the staff sitting together to review and update our Mission, Vision and Values

2020:Start group management

2021:Set up Hexas to focus on the business of SIS products

2023:Bitoner, Higree and Hexas mergered into HB Group in 2023, the whole sales team change to three teams respectively in charge of Europe, America and Asia areas. Moreover, we set up Italian branch in this year.

Meanwhile,during these years, in different fields we invited more techinical and commercial experts to join us to create more values for customers. 

To be the Most Influential Multinational Corporation in the Global Hydrocarbon Resin Industry!
We Bring New Materials to Each Corner of the World!
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Provide customers with comfortable products and service.
Support customers with sustainable development.
Technological innovation leads customer development.
Resins provide the well performing adhesives to our life.
Tackifying resins take mankind to a brand new world.
New material • New life
Enable employees to live a decent life.
Support employees to grow and develop continuously.
Assist employees to realize their dreams.
Organize and integrate corporate partners.
Promote the development of the whole industry.
Provide technical support for upstream and downstream enterprises.
Take the Chinese hydrocarbon resin products to global leadership.
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    HB Resin Inc.
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    Daschi Chemie B.V.
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    Bitoner Italia S.R.L
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    Qingdao Bater Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Qingdao Higree Chemical Co., Ltd.
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    Bitoner Japan Co., Ltd.
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    Shanghai Bitoner Resin Co., Ltd.
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Excellent Supplier in China's C5&C9 Industry
Excellent Supplier
Excellent Supplier in China's C5&C9 Industry
Excellent Supplier in China's C5&C9 Industry
Excellent Supplier in China's C5&C9 Industry
Excellent Supplier in China's C5&C9 Industry
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
HB Group (China) Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-532- 55662730|E-mail: business@hb-group.com.cn
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