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Qingdao Hexas Chemical Co., Ltd.


Thermoplastic Elastomer SIS HEXAS EL-9270

short description:

General Properties and Applications

EL9270 is a clear, linear triblock copolymer based on styrene and isoprene, with a diblock content of 66% . EL 9270 is used as ingredient in formulating adhesives, specialized in label adhesive.

Product Detail

Product Introduction

Synthetic rubber could provide exceptional performance in extreme temperatures.but it is not better to use it  in applications with exposure to strong acids, oils, greases, ozone, fats and most hydrocarbons.


Label adhesive.


Test Items Unit Sales Specification range
Polystyrene content wt% 22 to 28
Di-block Content Di-block Content 63 to 70
Melt Flow rate g/10min 19 to 25
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥4
Elongation at Break % ≥1000
Solution Vicosity mPa.s ≤1000
Volatile Matter Wt% ≤1.0
Ash Wt% ≤0.3

Typical Value

Test Items Unit Sales Specification range
Polystyrene content wt% 24
Di-block Content Di-block Content 66
Melt Flow rate g/10min 20
Tensile Strength Mpa 4.9
Elongation at Break % 1400
Solution Vicosity mPa.s 338
Volatile Matter Wt% 0.3
Ash Wt% 0.1
Mn(SIS) - 117000
Mn(SI) - 50000


CAS No. 25038-32-8

Package And Supply




Brand Recommendation



EL9126, EL9270, EL9270D, EL9470, EL9220, EL9220D, EL9370

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