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Qingdao Hexas Chemical Co., Ltd.


Sunshine through the door — Hexas social welfare activities

Helen Keller said, "the most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or touched by eyes, but they must be experienced by heart." indeed, although they have been hugged by the devil, the angel kissed their forehead, life is still rich and colorful, and their life is also happy.

On April 24, 2021, Hexas and the West Coast volunteer Federation entered the East deaf children language training center on the west coast.

After the launch of this activity, the team members initiated internal donation in advance. A total of 32 people participated in this activity in the form of donation and material donation, and 8 group representatives donated on site.

In addition, the group also funded the purchase of fruits, vegetables, towels and sports goods, which brought warmth to every disabled child.


In particular, I would like to thank the West Coast volunteer Federation and Miss Zhang for communicating the plan in advance for this activity, so that the sunshine of Hexas can penetrate into the park, and let us learn from the volunteers the quality of their love and happiness.
Some colleague drove 2 hours from Laoshan District to the west coast. Even if the weather was light rain, it did not affect the event.
Because it was Saturday, there were not many children in the park. Everyone sat quietly to welcome us. Driven by the teachers and the volunteer Federation, the members and the children soon became united.


Books grow with love and knowledge
The group's partners give the books to the children, patiently explain the stories, guide the children to develop good reading habits from childhood, make reading a fun and an atmosphere, and let the books accompany their growth.


The teacher said, "children with hearing impairment need cochlear implantation. With the support and help of the government, the school can carry out cochlear implantation at a low price. Even so, the cost will need hundreds of thousands, and the service life is generally about 10 years. For ordinary families, this is undoubtedly difficult."

Through this activity, we hope to let more people know and pay attention to the growth, life and learning of disabled children. We hope that through the continuous efforts of people with love, the voice of love can reach their ears and flow into their hearts.

Maybe we can't do much, but our hearts are together, which is the power of the team.

For public welfare activities, Hexas will continue to move forward, and more people will feel the care and warmth of the society for them, so that the sunshine of Hexas can continue to shine everywhere.

Post time: Nov-18-2021