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Qingdao Hexas Chemical Co., Ltd.


Beautifying the coastline, we are on the road

The theme of World Ocean Day 2015 is "healthy ocean, healthy earth", focusing on plastic pollution. The latest monitoring results of the State Oceanic Administration show that 91% of the floating garbage on the sea surface in China comes from land, and 86% of the beach garbage comes from land. 60% ~ 80% of marine garbage is plastic. These marine wastes are mainly distributed in tourism, leisure and entertainment areas, agricultural and fishery areas, port shipping areas and adjacent sea areas.

In the past five years, the floating garbage in 2020 has been three times or more than that in 2000.


In 2018, the video of a turtle whose nose was blocked by a straw received great attention on the Internet. Scientists found the turtle when collecting turtle mating data. At first, they thought it was a worm in its nasal cavity because the turtle seemed to have difficulty breathing. Later, they found that it was a straw, It took the team of scientists nearly 10 minutes to remove the straw


We're on the move
Adhering to the concept of everyone's participation, Hexas launched the third activity of our social responsibility group -- [beautifying the coastline, we're on the road] environmental protection theme activity.

On the morning of November 14, the group set up a small team of five people, who drove from all parts of the city to Qingdao badaxia Park and all the way to Lu Xun Park along the coastline to make their contribution to environmental protection.

Everyone pocketed all the garbage in their sight along the road, and didn't even take a few photos.


We know that it is everyone's responsibility to comply with nature, protect nature, treat the ecological environment like life, and make the sea of the island city cleaner and the sky bluer.

All members of baiseyuan hope to use practical actions to drive the whole society to jointly improve the awareness of marine environmental protection, actively publicize the knowledge of ecological environmental protection, actively participate in the action of protecting the marine environment, and start from what they can do to contribute to the protection of our beautiful home.

We are on the road, never stop!

Post time: Nov-18-2021